How can I ever thank you—I had Achilles tendonitis for over a year and couldn’t even take a walk. You took the pain away and gave me back my life!
— Trish Payne

About Carmela

Chronic Joint Pain

For the past tens years, Carmela has kept me out of the hands of the orthopedic surgeon with periodic acupuncture treatments to control knee pain and avoid knee replacement surgery. She recently added frequency specific microcurrent therapy to the regimen. I have experienced improvement in flexibility and additional relief from pain when in static positions such as lying in bed or reclining to watch TV. There has been obvious improvements in my ability to climb or descend stairs. -Virginia Saam  


Reproductive Health

A friend recommend I see Carmela after discussing my high blood pressure and thyroid issues. That was a couple of years ago. My blood pressure is now under control with regular visits with Carmela. I feel good and look forward to my treatment times. I didn't know needles were so relaxing! I do appreciate Carmela taking the time to ask and listen to my aches/pains/concerns about my health. She really does want to hear what you are experiencing. She asked me not long after my first visit if fertility was a concern. Being 40, and not getting pregnant before, I assumed that was something my body was not capable of. I'm 41 and pregnant now, and am excited about the future. Thank you Carmela! -Mary F., Chapel Hill

Facial Rejuvenation

As a "woman of a certain age," I had begun to consider certain aspects of facial rejuvenation. Due to my allergies though, I was unwilling to risk an unpleasant reaction to any injection therapy that I might be likely to try. And I wasn't yet ready for anything as extreme as surgery. 

Since Carmela's acupuncture therapies had been helping me manage and heal the chronic hives that have been plaguing me, it was only natural that I asked her about using her acupuncture skills to treat facial lines and early signs of jaw-line sagging. And, I am so glad I did. Over the past six months, my expression lines have either softened or completely disappeared, and any incipient sagging is nearly gone. As an added benefit, my complexion has never looked clearer. Carmela doesn't treat the face in isolation; she treats the body as a whole, and in doing so promotes overall health and well-being which, in turn, benefits the facial skin cosmetically as well. 

I am very pleased with the results Carmela has affected, and feel that this is a much safer and healthier alternative to other more invasive options. - Ann T., Chapel Hill


Since I began regular acupuncture with Carmela (about a year and a half ago), my life and well-being has been transformed. I'm in my mid-twenties and have grappled with hormonal imbalance and acne for most of my young adult life. Her methods of acupuncture, herbal treatments and tinctures, and facial rejuvenation are incredible. 

Facial rejuvenation has healed my complexion-- the treatments help to rid my skin of acne and scar tissue, and it provides my skin with a beautiful glow. It's absolutely astounding how different I look after a session with Carmela.

Before I went to see Carmela, I had been put on a medication for my acne. The medication had many negative side effects on my body. With Carmela's treatment, I was able to get off the medication, while still treating my acne. Acupuncture with Carmela helped me to see that I can heal my body WITHOUT the use of prescription drugs, which are so readily pushed on us these days. For young people (and women, especially) who struggle with recurring or hormonal acne, facial rejuvenation is a WONDERFUL option!

I thank Carmela for the balance and health that she helps to restore to my life! - Ginny C., age 25


"A true healer..." this is the way two different friends at two different times let me know about Carmela Mager more than 2 years ago.  Both had some chronic pain issues which were being managed or had been resolved through their work with Carmela Mager.  So, I enthusiastically booked an appointment with Carmela and have been seeing her regularly ever since.  We have worked through knee, elbow, and shoulder pains, and even a cracked vertebra.  Today I am pain free and we have moved on to other treatments.

Carmela has applied acupuncture techniques in what I call an organic face lift - that is using your own body's strength to combat wrinkles.  I have seen the lines at the sides of my mouth, in between my eyes, and the sides of my eyes diminish through the regular application of acupuncture.  My husband comments on how good I look, as do friends.  Acupuncture offers me a minimally invasive way of keeping at bay the progression of lines and wrinkles.  I wholeheartedly recommend this method. - Fran G., age 63



Carmela has cured me of my allergies and I just couldn't be happier.  I showed up at her practice last fall sleep-deprived and absolutely miserable with terrible asthma that was keeping me up at night.  It turns out I was allergic to my three cats and two dogs.  It had gotten so bad that I couldn't go through a night without longing for my inhaler 2-3 times a night.  I became dependent on it and thought I might have to get rid of all my babies, which terrified me.  A friend recommended I go see Carmela, and within 2 months my allergies were gone.  All of them.  I can now hug and kiss and sleep in the same room as all my animals, and I sleep like a baby.  My eyes never water around them anymore and I never sneeze.  But what keeps me coming back to Carmela, is not only her ability to cure my allergies, but the holistic approach she takes.  From day 1 she was concerned with finding out the complete and bigger picture -- my emotional state, my physical ailments, and a background on my life.  Through a combination of herbs, acupuncture and proper questioning, Carmela has restored my health and I just couldn't recommend her more strongly.  What's more, my time there is so relaxing I often leave feeling more energetic and rejuvenated.  Health-wise, it's by far the best money I've ever spent. - Oriana, age 25


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

I first saw Carmela after receiving years of therapy for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Emotionally, I was making good progress, but physically, the trauma was held as a constant fearful knot in my abdomen. After a session with Carmela, I could feel the release of fear held for so long in my body. It was like a tremendous surge of negative energy I no longer needed to hold onto. Carmela has played a large part in my healing process. - Lisa, age 54


Multiple Allergies/Food Allergies

When I discovered I was allergic to 30 out of the 100 foods I was tested for, including such random things as coffee, wheat, yeast, and artichokes, I knew it was time to try something different. When I was 2 years old, we had to give away our dog because we found out that I was allergic. It was either me or the dog, and thankfully my parents chose me. At age 21, I am allergic to all animals with fur or feathers (dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, monkeys); all inside allergens including mold, dust, and mites; all outside allergens including trees, grasses, and flowers; the preservatives in normal contacts and contact solutions; and generally the ingredients that make things like chapstick and laundry detergent smell nice. I'm probably allergic to a dozen other things that I have forgotten to mention or haven't discovered yet. I also have asthma. All of these problems affected my skin, my breathing, and my overall health. My allergies and asthma were bad as a child and then I got better as I grew older. When I went to college, unfortunately, they resurfaced again worse than ever. Sinus infections, headaches, constantly congested, I was getting sick all of the time. My immune system was down and I even managed to get whooping cough. I tried to get my allergies under control, but by the beginning of junior year, I was still having problems. 

A friend of mine recommended that I take a look at Eastern Medicine, specifically NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) because it completely cured her dog’s allergies to food and the environment. I have to admit, I was slightly skeptical but I figured that if it worked with her dog, it might work for me. My mom and I looked for and found Carmela Mager in Chapel Hill and set up an appointment. Ever since then, I have been going to Carmela’s once a week while I have been at Duke. Treatment for my allergies and asthma was not just NAET, but also a combination of acupuncture and herbs. Contrary to popular belief, acupuncture doesn't hurt. My sessions with Carmela were actually the most relaxing time during the busy life of a Duke engineer. Most of the time, I barely felt the acupuncture needles, but sometimes they tickled and I would laugh out loud. After all of the needles were in, I got to lie on the acupuncture table and rest for a half an hour before turning over and having needles put in my back. It was a great system…I got treated and managed to get a nap in while I was at it. 

The first time I met with Carmela, she took time to communicate with my body and see what was going on inside. One of the first things she asked was whether or not my mother had gone through a trauma or a period of intense sadness while she was pregnant with me as that can sometimes be a factor in the child having allergies. I told her no, but when I talked to my mom later, she told me that she had indeed been very upset when her grandmother died and she couldn't go to the funeral because she was pregnant with me. Things like that amazed me about my appointments with Carmela. She could tell me what was hurting me, like my sinuses for example, and after an acupuncture treatment, the pain would be gone. And after a year and a half of treatment, I can see a huge difference in my allergies and asthma. For the first time since age two, I am not on any sort of pills or medicine, Eastern or Western. Sometimes if the pollen is really bad or I am getting a cold, a few symptoms will return, but nothing like it used to be and always treatable by a few days of herbs. It’s nice to be a normal person. - Claudia, age 21



When I began seeing Carmela almost one year ago, I suffered from intense fatigue that was worsened by excessive sugar consumption. I took 3-4 hour naps every single day, and suffered from muscle pains, strains, dizziness, and headaches. My adrenal system was so deficient that I had lost all of the hair on one eyebrow. I was only 28 years old! Prior to working with Carmela, I attempted to alleviate my symptoms —but to no avail—by seeing medical doctors (who could find nothing wrong with me), a chiropractor, a kinesiologist, and a nutritionist.

After working with Carmela and receiving regular acupuncture and NAET treatments and taking the supplements she recommends, I feel like a new person. I almost never nap, and my sugar consumption has been lessened by about 95%. Because I have more energy, I am motivated to eat better and to work out, and as a result, have lost a good 15 pounds. 

Carmela’s treatments help me deal with stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, sugar cravings, and any other concerns that creep up for me from week to week. I would highly recommend Carmela to anyone who has any sort of discomfort in his/her life. Her experience and listening skills are without parallel, and she has helped me immensely when no one else could! - Kate, Durham


Elimination of Allergies

I have suffered from allergies for many years which mainly affected breathing and produced cold-like symptoms year round but especially in the fall and somewhat in the spring. I have had allergy shots for more than two decades but 10 years apart. While shots were effective for about 10 years, but eventually they began to be less effective. Prescription medication was so drying that I felt miserable with it as well as foggy headed.

Through a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, my allergies are so much better. When I was tested a year ago, I showed no reaction to mold, pollen, etc. The process was slow, but gradually I got better and learned that some of my problems were due to diet. In the spring and fall I see Carmela more often and rely on herbs as I need them.

I generally feel great. Not only are my allergies improved, but my digestion is better than it has ever been as is my sleep. - Laura, Chapel Hill


Plantar Fasciitis

I have had plantar fasciitis for 7 years. During that time I have tried many different treatments. Most of the time I was able to function but I always had to restrict my activity based on the amount of walking I was able to do. When I first went to Carmela, I was in severe pain and the orthopedists had exhausted all of his conservative treatment options, which provided no relief. He suggested surgery.

A friend told me about the wonderful things Carmela had done for her. After my first visit with Carmela, my foot pain was less. After 6 months I was totally free of foot pain. She is now treating my allergies and asthma. I have been able to reduce my medications and have many fewer incidences of breathing difficulty.

Short version: I have had to modify my activity for 7 years due to plantar fasciitis. After my first visit with Carmela, my foot pain was less. After 6 months, I was totally free of foot pain for the first time in years. - Nancy, Chapel Hill